the vine to the bottle on the table 

The tool of encaveur

The œnologist is the person who oversees all stages of wine production, from the vine to the bottle on the table.
He has a palate that does not mislead him. He is both a technician and a chemist, as well as an outstanding taster.
It is he who determines the harvesting date.

The cellar
The modern infrastructure of our new cellar allows us to control, within one degree the temperature of pressed grapes during fermentation. Each tank is equipped with a double wall allowing for cold or hot water circulation. Besides this advantage, stainless steel tanks guarantee the quality and the stability of our wines, while maintaining hygiene standards.
Desiring to marry modernity with tradition we have our hearts set on producing wines of character in barrels composed of French oak and American white oak. We let the red grape varieties age for 12 to 18 months, and our Chardonnay for 12 months. This brings body and aroma to the wine for a finer finish.

Places of production, terroir and grape varieties
The Chantemerle vineyard cultivates about ten hectares at an altitude of about 450 m, in the counties of Tartegnin and Gilly.
A land rich in different soils allows our precious grapes to express multiple traits that will tantalize your taste buds. It is partly due to the stones left by the moraine from the Rhone Glacier, layers of clay, peat and limestone that our region earns its diversity.
To complete the recipe for good wine, one should also note the importance of the sun, its reflection on the lake that floods the hills, and the wind currents. The wind plays an important role in the ripening of the grapes.

All these reasons allow us to offer a range of widely varied nectars.

Distribution of our grape varieties

Chasselas 55%, Chardonnay 6%, Gewürztraminer 4%, Grey Pinot 4%, White Pinot 2%

Pinot noir 12%, Gamay 4%, Divico 4%, Merlot 3% , Gamaret 2% , Garanoir 2%, Malbec 1%, Diolinoir 1%

Vine density
6,000 vines per hectare